Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year To Me!

My great find at Goodwill yesterday - $ .99 for the pair (they're china)! It wasn't until I got them home, washed them and dried them that I saw the stamp under all the Chinese characters on the back: "For Decoration Only".
Who knows how much lead is in these things! Oh, well, I can put them on the plate shelf in my kitchen during Chinese New Year. They don't exactly fit with my "Country Farmhouse" style of decor, but then, who said we were a "typical" Country Farmhouse family, anyway? Perhaps a new style of decor will make its way onto the decorating blogs: Chinese Country Farmhouse!


Joanne said...

That's really funny! I would do something like that too!

Bobbi said...

At least you found the small print:>) They are gorgeous.