Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Pictures of Our Shi Shi!

This morning, as I was fixing breakfasts and sack lunches for the girls, I peeked at my in box and found these:

This weekend, I ordered a care package for David from Red Thread China. Included in the cost of the care package was the translation of a letter we can send to David's welfare institute, and if possible, updated photos and measurements of our child. Ann got these to us very quickly, and she's been so sweet. I've heard wonderful things about her service, and I agree - she does a great job. She also provides a shopping service for families while they are in Guangzhou - she'll take you around to the pearl and jade markets and other shopping spots, helping you get the best deals on the best quality merchandise. Our group is planning to have her help us while we're there.
Included with the photos were updated measurements of David, but they really weren't all that different from the measurements we received in November. He's still a bruiser!
These photos made me cry. I just can't wait to get to our little boy! We leave four weeks from tomorrow. Still so much to do to get ready, so it will help make the time pass quickly.


Kathleen said...

What a gift and how precious is he!!! I was happy to come home from my morning out and find these new photos of cousin David. It just so happens we were out finishing our little gift box for him, how funny is that. It has been a David day around here. I am going to be boxing things up while my little guys nap so that I can get this gift out to you soon:) Thanks for the update. There is not much time left and we are so excited!!!

Susan said...

He is precious, but I know you want him home so badly you can't stand it.

I'm struck by those mostly empty shelves in the one picture. Will you be visiting the orphanage? Would there be a way to send toys or books with you? Or could we donate money to buy some while you're there? It looks like he's in a nice room with big things to climb and play on, but I wonder if they need more trucks or building blocks or something to play with.

Bobbi said...


I am crying!!! He is just so precious. I want to sqeeze him. These four weeks will go by quickly, but slowly too!! Been there. Keep looking at these pics and know that you will soon have your arms around him.

Thanks for sharing them so quickly. What a great little treat

Chinamama4 said...

Susan, we are hoping to be able to visit the SWI while there - the request has been made. Our plan is to purchase items for them once we're in China - toys would be a great idea! We are also hoping to bring some special cleft bottles for the children - there seem to be many cleft-affected children there.

Lisa said...

Oh Becky he is beyond adorable! How lucky that you were able to get some updated pictures. I know the wait is killing you but soon enough he will be in your arms forever!