Saturday, June 05, 2010


Thursday was the first full day of summer vacation for the girls. The weather was perfect, and Al took the afternoon off so we could all go to Blackberry Farm. While there, David went on his very first carousel ride. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of his reactions. We are enjoying experiencing so many "firsts" through his eyes!


Bobbi said...

Well, my busy blogger friend!! I just got caught up. Let's see, I would say that David enjoyed the rides:>) I love to see his sweet smile. It is so fun watching them experience firsts, isn't it?

The girls have grown and changed so much! They are both gorgeous. Truly, I loved the first and last pics of them together. The first one, hugging and all smiles and the last hardly touching with forced smiles:>) How they grow and change!!

The "tea for two" sounds very precious. Glad David made it through.

AND, finally welcome to your new pet.

Kathleen said...

I am finding time finally tonight to comment on a few of your posts. I have loved each of them and I am so blessed by the photos and thougths you have shared. These photos of David have touched my heart. I love the joy on his face. This is when you just have to say, thank you God for the gift of David!!!