Wednesday, June 02, 2010

She Didn't Get It From Me!

In fourth grade science, the final topic of the year is engineering. Hannah and her classmates were given the task of designing and creating a pasta car using basic engineering priciples. When their cars were completed, they raced their cars. Guess whose car came in first place?

Her Italian Nana can do wonderful things with pasta, but I bet Nana's never tried this!
I loved hearing Hannah chat away at the dinner table using all sorts of engineering and physics terms. Even if her car hadn't placed first, she learned so much. The prize was just a sweet bonus!


Bobbi said...

Now, that's impressive!! I was thinking this might be a fun Summer project with the girls---for Joe!! I can't wait to show this to him. Being that he is an engineer, he will be ALL over this

Mindy said...

Great job Hannah! Very creative project!

Kathleen said...

Christopher loved this...could not stop looking at the photos. You have your cousin thinking Hannah. Great job:)