Monday, June 21, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... cloudy, muggy, early summer morning.

I am thinking... about all the things that need to be accomplished this week, and how I can squeeze in a couple of fun things for the kids, too.

I am thankful for... the great Dad that Al is to our children.

I am praying for... David's first appointment with Shriner's this Wednesday. That I can keep straight all the information that I'm sure will be dumped on me over the course of one long day with the cleft team. And that David doesn't get frightened by the doctors (he has struggled with that).

I am wearing... the green flowered jammies I wore in China when we adopted Abbie (I don't get rid of anything sentimental!) and pink flip flops.

I am creating... an activity bag for David to bring with us not only to Shriner's this week, but whenever we have to wait somewhere. Also planning a few homemade Christmas gifts.

I am going... to do the grocery shopping for the week with all four children today. Pray for me...

I am reading... six books at the same time, the most notable being Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren (and discussing it weekly with my friend Dina who is reading it with me).

I am hoping... to make some fun summer memories with the kids, a little bit every day.

I am hearing... Charlotte running in her wheel, the coffee pot gurgling. Otherwise, total quiet and peace!

I am remembering... my Dad. Yesterday was Father's Day, and also the 10 year anniversary of his passing. I still miss him every day...

From the learning rooms... summer reading, lots of library trips, a few math facts drill sheets, a few journaling ideas, and a real cool book called The Anti-Coloring Book by Susan Striker and Edward Kimmel that gives kids unique ideas for stories and drawings, instead of just coloring in someone else's pictures.

From the kitchen... hoping to have time to try a couple of new muffin recipes, a chicken tenders recipe to freeze, and crockpot oatmeal. Hoping to improve my menu selections before the school year kicks in again.

Around the house... starting to collect things for a kids clothing and toy resale this fall. We have a desk to paint for Hannah, and I have a list of other small improvements I'd like to make around here.

On my mind... Shriner's.

Noticing that... this house gets awfully messy with the six of us home all the time! But that cleanup can go much more quickly with everyone pitching in (even David helps)!

One of my favorite things... saying "Yes!" to requests for push-up freezer pops! :)

Here is a picture that I am sharing...

My summer helpers!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Becky at Shriner's. There will be lots of other kids there for David to play with. Bring snacks! Feel free to call me or contact me on FB if you have any questions.

Sue Morano

Mindy said...

I have been fighting the "take all kids to the grocery store" for about 3 weeks now....I think I'm going to have to fold pretty soon or we'll be eating nothing but the enchilada sauce out of the pantry. You are such a creative, on-the-go mama!

PandaMom said...

Thank you so much for your love and care for a complete stranger!! Your family is absolutely beautiful. Blessings to you!!