Thursday, January 20, 2011

David Goes To School

David turned 3 in November and "aged out" of the Early Intervention program, which was providing speech therapy for him. He qualified for the Early Childhood program at our elementary school. I was happy to hear that he would be getting services from such a qualified, caring team, but was apprehensive about sending him off to school four mornings a week. It seemed like a lot for such a little guy.

I needn't have worried. He loves school, loves his teachers, is making great friendships, learning how to work and play with other children, learning to follow directions. Best of all, after just a few weeks, we are seeing (hearing) a marked improvement in his speech. It's so great to hear what he's thinking!

So, David had his very own First Day of School. He insisted on wearing "stripes!", so I found him a handsome shirt for his special day. He loves wearing "Daddy shirts" (undershirts like Daddy's) under his special clothes. And he had a brand new red backpack from LL Bean that, even though it is "Junior sized", is still almost as big as he is!

"Don't I look handsome!"

"And check out my great new backpack!"

"Here we are at school!"

"What a great day!"

"I'm gonna have so much fun in school!"

"OK, teachers, I'm ready to come in now!"

"Pleeeeeeease let me in..."

"Off I go with Miss Kim!"

"Better wave 'Goodbye' to my poor Mama as she stands there crying behind her camera..."

Every afternoon during his first week of school, David fell asleep on the couch wearing his backpack!


Bobbi said...

How sweet!!! I am so glad that school is going well for him, and you are seeing and hearing improvement!!
OH, and the stripes and jeans are perfect!! :) Love the undershirts. That is too cute!

Kathleen said...

Love the backpack and his joy is precious. I am so thankful that school is a good fit for him and that you are already seeing and hearing improvments!! God is good...

Sara said...

How cute! The picture of him napping with his backpack on reminds me of Abbie falling asleep mid-snack.