Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Recipe - Week 2: Crockpot Cowboy Stew

My friend Jamie (Annie's mom from David's China group) and I frequently share meal and recipe ideas with each other. The other night, she mentioned Crockpot Cowboy Stew, found on the blog A Year of Slow Cooking. I checked out the recipe and it looked like it might be a winner with my family, so I gave it a try Tuesday night.

The stew was very quick and easy to prepare - just some browning ground beef and a lot of opening cans (and we desperately need a new can opener!). The recipe is 100% Aldi-friendly. I did end up substituting a can of regular baked beans for the ranch-style beans, as Jamie had said she'd looked everywhere and had never seen them. I don't think it affected the stew at all. The Rotel gave it just a little kick - we skipped the jalapenos!

This dish got two big and three small thumbs up. I was correct in predicting that Rachel wouldn't like it as she does not care for tomatoes. But she was a good sport, ate a small helping, and looked forward to the chicken pot pie I had scheduled for the next night!

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