Monday, January 10, 2011

New Recipe - Week 1: Playgroup Granola Bars

Like many busy moms, I don't make New Year's resolutions. Instead, I try to set attainable goals. One of the top goals on my list is to come up with some new recipes for my family. I think that, with a little planning, one new recipe a week should be manageable.

Note: In addition to revealing how many "thumbs up" a recipe gets, I will also let my thrifty, Aldi-shopping friends know if it is an "Aldi-friendly recipe" - that is, can all ingredients be purchased from Aldi's regular stock. For those of you who are not familiar with Aldi, it is a chain of small, discount grocery stores. Basic foods and staples at really great, low prices. In my effort to simplify life, I try to do all my weekly shopping at this one store, with maybe a once-a-month trip to either Woodman's or Jewel for more unique ingredients.

So here's our first new recipe of the year...

I found the link for this recipe for
Playgroup Granola Bars on the Simplicity Parenting blog (more on them in the future). I like baking treats for the kids, and this one sounded healthy and tasty - a winning combo! When I mentioned to the girls I would be making them and that they contained raisins, I heard a lot of groaning. Not everyone likes raisins baked into their food, myself included. I decided that, instead of scrapping the whole idea, I'd just substitute mini chocolate chips for the raisins. Maybe not quite as healthy, but still better than the bars in a box. They were a hit!

This recipe received two big and four little thumbs up - a sweep! This was not an Aldi-friendly recipe because of the mini chocolate chips and the wheat germ, but those are things I can easily keep on hand. They were fairly quick and easy to make and well worth the effort!

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