Wednesday, March 10, 2010


David seems to be taking to us very well. But we are still reminded that this is a difficult transition for him. Yesterday, after a nice long nap, he woke up, looked around, and began to cry. His crying escalated to screaming and wailing like at his placement. At one point, he just kept crying out, "Mama! Maaaamaaa! Mama!" I don't know who "Mama" is, but it certainly wasn't me. He was throwing his toys and flinging my hands away when I tried to hold and comfort him. And so we just sat on the bed, both crying together. My heart broke in a million pieces to see my little boy grieving so. Obviously, there was someone very special who cared for him and he was missing her.
I know that over time he will forget. I will be his Mama. But in a way, it was good to see that he had formed an attachment with someone who took care of him.
I wish I could take his pain away...


Joanne said...

Becky, I cried with you reading your post. Our son is also in Datong and we hope to get him in a few weeks. He will be four at the end of the month.

Sending you hugs and lifting you up from Stateside!!


Allison said...

Oh sweet Becky~
How hard a matter how short lived it will be! I'm glad that the Father has already given you the wisdom to know that this will not last forever, he will forget this difficulty, and that it is indeed a terrific sign of his ability to attach to those who love and take care of him!
You are loved and lifted up from afar~
p.s. The birds are singing here in IL, and there is a lightning storm brewing!

Lisa said...

Still praying that things start to improve. You are David's mother and in time he WILL know that for certain. Until then try to hang in there and know this too shall pass!

Janis said...

We are praying for you, as I have mentioned before our daughter is from Taiyuan and she grieved so much while we were there, she did so much better when we went to GZ. She was 2 year old with a CPCL too. We are thinking of you in SG.


Kathleen said...

It is hard to see our children hurt but God takes all things and makes them for His glory:) Our daughters went through the very same loss for their foster mother and it was so hard to watch. It was a very tough adjustment for all of us but now I can look back and see how the Lord carried us through that time. He is your great shepherd!! He goes before you now, leading you in every step of this journey, and for all the days to come.

We are praying for you and your beautiful boy:)
Isaiah 40:11

Susan said...

Oh, Becky, it's hard, isn't it? We have you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family. There are 3 girls waiting for David, and he will love having sisters. They will be able to help bring healing to him.
Betty Rommel