Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some nights - most nights - as I head off to bed much later than I should, I look around at the messes still to be cleaned up and the laundry left to be done and the piles on my desk that need attention and I feel as though I did nothing all day and should have accomplished more. On those nights I feel discouraged and wonder where the day went and how I could have squeezed in some more productivity.

And then I get ready to go to China for two weeks and leave our three girls in the care of my dear mom. And I prepare the traditional "Nana Book" to document everything about our girls' lives.

Like where they have to be, at what time, and with what gear. And how to get there. And what day the trash needs to go to the curb. And what the girls eat for dinner. And who takes what to school in their lunches. And what kinds of snacks are acceptable in Rachel's peanut-free classroom. And the names and phone numbers of all emergency services - plumber, phone repair, furnace service. And which neighbors to call in an emergency. And the sitter's number for that day when we just need a little break. And what time is church and where the girls keep their Bibles for Sunday mornings. And which is Abbie's favorite stuffed animal to sleep with. And who gets what color cup for juice in the morning. And which sugary cereal is acceptable for Fun Friday only. Which TV channels are off-limits (even though they are aimed at kids). Which side of their school folders to put those signed permission slips. Who will pick up Rachel for Awana. What day Hannah has to turn in her Girl Scout cookie money. What time they need to go to bed. What methods they will use to try to stay up later. Whose toothbrush is whose? Where we keep the Motrin. For kids and for Mom. And where I hide my stash of dark chocolate.

Yeah - I guess I do do a lot around here.


Kathleen said...

You do a lot!!!! There are never enough hours in the day to accomplish it all. I feel the same way.
I will be praying for your time in China each day and I will be praying for your precious girls and your mom who will be waiting for you to come home. I could cry tears of joy I am so excited for you.

Time to meet sweet David:)

Bobbi said...

WOW!! I am overwhelmed just reading about it!! You are so good to be that organized. I remember doing very similiar things before we left