Monday, March 15, 2010

Calabash Flute

My friend, Jackie, who was just in Guangzhou two months ago, recommednded we stop by a shop called "Jenny's Place". Jenny was such a sweet, Christian lady, and her husband was very kind, too. In her shop, Al spotted this instrument called a Calabash Flute. He picked one up and immediately figured out how tp play it. Jenny's husband began to play another one, and there was a lovely duet going on. We're brnging one home to go with our erhu. Maybe we'll present a concert of Chinese music someday!


Anonymous said...

Please, please do that concert. I know our Elli would be there. Lauren's nickname is Ping Pong, back and forth she would run, still does not walk, just runs. Hope you are soon home. Prayers for all your family. Betty Rommel

Kathleen said...

I am so ready for you to be home!!! I know that you must be feeling that way too!!! (I can't wait to chat)

I can really see family evenings at your home with you and Al playing music for your children....It will be so speical:)