Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playful Boy

I can't download pictures right now as the cables are already packed (we leave for Guangzhou this afternoon), but will do so as soon as I can. David is really warming up to us and seems to be equally comfortable with both of us, though he tends to reach for Mama when upset about something. He still shows signs of grief from time to time. We have also experienced very typical toddler frustration as he tries to communicate what he wants and we simply have no idea.
But we're seeing his sweet, funny side emerge, as well! Yesterday, Al and I took turns playing ball with him, first rolling and then gently tossing a soft ball to him. At first he rolled it back to us, but gradually started tossing it. Eventually, he was showing off a great throw across the room! He's got a good arm, and it's a lucky thing the ball was soft because it hit the flat screen TV in our room a couple of times! But the best part was watching him go from smiling to chuckling to big belly laughs as he sent us scrambling all around the room and under the furniture to retrieve the ball! The sound of a child's laugh is like music to me, and David's laugh is so delightful! He has a wonderful twinkle in his eye when playing, and you could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he tried to find a new place to throw the ball!
I can't wait to see him playing with his sisters. They are all going to have a wonderful time together! I'm so glad spring is coming so they can all get outside in the sunshine and have fun!

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