Sunday, March 07, 2010

Always the Right Price... Always!

Yesterday, we went to the local WalMart in Taiyuan to purchase some clothing to donate to our welfare institutes. Their prices on children's clothes were pretty good - comparable to the US. The prices on their snacks (crackers, cookies) were crazy-low! We were able to pick up some yogurt the boys will enjoy. It was a fun experience! Very crowded. Lots of moms and children who kept staring and pointing at us! We were happy to stop and say "Hello!" and "Ni hao!" to all of them!
Actually, it appears we are the only Caucasians in the city. People literally stop in their tracks to stare and point at us! I can only imagine what it will be like when we have our boys with us!
I am enjoying soaking up Taiyuan, but I am definitely looking forward to the warmer climate of Guangzhou!


Bobbi said...

I am reading and soaking up each post!!! Can't wait to see you with your boy. Glad your trip is going well!!

Our thoughts, prayers, and love are with you

Susan said...

it's so fun to see your posts! Bill is indeed an amazing person. Has he told you about his musical training? Also, Amy was one of our guides in Beijing, too (she was prenant at the time), and we stayed in the Jinglin. Happy, happy memories.

Can't wait to see photos of you with David. Best of luck!